Founded by the Phoenicians and later occupied by the most prominent Mediterranean civilizations (Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims…), Malaga is a bustling and vibrant city, with spots full of art and history. It has been the cradle of great artists like Picasso.

It is the capital of Costa del Sol, very close to Marbella, one of the top Spanish destinations for the jet set.

Malaga lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys one of the best climates in Spain, making it attractive and the perfect getaway destination. The great cultural offering of the city makes it even more attractive, since, over the last few years, it has come into the spotlight, both nationally and internationally, because of the important museums it is home to.

Visitors will find a wide variety of leisure activities and local dishes, always spiced up by the warmth and cheerfulness of the malagueños, and also by the brightness of this wonderful city in the South of Spain.