Cordoba is a city with thousands of years of history that still preserves the legacy of a magnificent past and of the various cultures that have been part of it.

It was the capital of Hispania Ulterior during the Roman occupation of the peninsula and of the Omeya Caliphate, when the population rose to a million, making it the largest and most populated city in the world.

It has always been a prominent centre where knowledge and culture have flourished and the cradle of great intellectuals like Seneca, Averroes or Maimonides.

Visitors cannot miss a walk along its intricate streets and plazas, where they can discover some of the most wonderful and enchanting patios, adorned with flowers, fountains and wells that take us back to ancient times.

The crown jewel of Cordoba is the Mosque-Cathedral, an indisputable symbol of the city, with historical surroundings that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

Beyond all that, Cordoba has high tech infrastructure, with excellent connections with both the capital of Andalucia and Madrid, by highway or by the high speed train AVE, one of the fastest and most convenient high speed train in the world.