Founded by the Phoenicians, Gadir is considered to be the most ancient city of the Western world. It has thousands of years of history that have been influenced by the different cultures that coexisted in the city.

It is also known as “Tacita de Plata” or “Silver Cup” and it keeps the essence of a splendorous past in every corner. It became the main commercial port that traded with the Americas, bringing a cultural and economic boom and we can still admire some remains of that time like bastions and towers that protected the city or stately palaces. While walking around its popular quarters and admiring them, visitors will surely compare Cádiz to the most beautiful colonial cities of the Americas, like Havana or Cartagena de Indias.

This city has always been a cradle for great artists, mostly from the world of flamenco, and it radiates joy all year round, which is something we can see in the locals´ character and good sense of humour. The famous Carnival Festivities, declared of International Tourist Interest, add to the city´s excitement.