About 40 kilometres northeast of Madrid we can visit this town, birthplace of the world-renowned writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of “Don Quijote de la Mancha”. The town is known as the “complutense”, due to its Roman name, Complutum, and it takes us back to the Spain’s Golden Age around its historical center.

One of the most remarkable monuments of the old town is the University, in fact one of the oldest and most important in Spain. It was founded by Cardenal Cisneros, a very powerful man from the period of the Catholic Monarchs. The building´s plateresque façade at the San Ildefonso University Residence, it is currently the vice-chancellor´s office, is particularly outstanding.

The town´s open-air theatre, very well preserved, is also worth a visit. It is actually one of the oldest in Europe. Other interesting attractions include the house where Cervantes was born and his museum and the Archbishop´s Palace.

Tourists may have a bite at one of the many bars or restaurants of the porticoed Calle Mayor, where they can taste delicious tapas (most of them for free with your drink) which make this town doubly famous.